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Hairlossformen.org is a site created to help young men off all ages to help tackle the issues of hair loss. Hair loss has been an epidemic for our generation, not only for men but woman aswell. I want to use my experinces and the expericene of other fellow victims of thinning hair and hair loss problems to come together and help one another in how they halted hair loss and their best ways of preventing hair loss. This website will be a benefit to anyone who is after answer and help in ways to help other men of all ages to know the what they should and should not do to prevent hair loss later as they age,





I like every other a teenager whose close to becoming a adolescent have all been in situation where were sitting on the barbers chair and notice tiny micro differences such small thinning creeping in the corner of their temples  and quickly start thinking this the start of me becoming Bald.


I;m here for this people who are asking questions as to why their hair is thinning and what steps they can take instead of taking risky, expensive procedures which can make it hair worser then before or even sometime cause life threatening injuries.

We at Hairlossformen.org will try give advice and steps to take to help people ease their problems with hair loss and also show tried and tested simple methods they can do at home to reverse their on going problems of hair loss.

We at Hairlessformen.org understand that to stop hair loss we must reach the cause as to why it begins in the first place. Reaching the cause as early as possible will help hair loss suffers halt their hair loss as quickly as possible and every doctor will tell you prevention is always better than cure



We at Hairlossformen.org are here to help men and women of all ages more aware of how to look after their hair and also help them take prevetative measures to keep their hair in good conditions at all times.

We give these methods free of charge to help people’s self esteem and improve their confidence, one way to do that is to give tried and tested methods of people who had suffered from hair loss give their knowledge to pass on to other suffers of hair loss who may be suffering deeply in depression.



Our goal is to help as many people as possible learn and understand ways they can tackle hair loss. We at Hairlossformen.org believe many people or oblivious and unaware of the fact they can stop hair loss instead of just sitting there and letting nature take place.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out at support@hairlossformen.org

All the best,


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