How To Stop Hair loss For Men – 3 steps

Regardless of whether you are losing hair or not, hair loss hasn’t begun receding yet, it is the expectation that if the right healthy methods aren’t followed you will eventually succumb to the problems of losing your hair just as the rest of Men who have come and gone.

Its important we tackle the issues of hair loss by first going to the root cause of why hair loss begins in the first place.

To prevent hair loss I am going the break this down in 4 steps

Importance of Keeping Hair Healthy

Hair loss business evolving, there was once a time when hair loss wasn’t everything and although great hair was important it never really affected your day the day life then as much it will now with the new social media phenomena and the age of vainness in our society.

If you tune into my website, you’ll see my emphasis of simple, cheap easy to follow methods that will be sure the increase blood flow into the areas of thinning hair and anywhere else in fact where hair thinning and hair loss is taking place.

In respect the preventing hair loss, you must pinpoint where exactly the hair loss is taking place, once it’s spotted the endurance of tacking that problem will be much easier and you’ll be more efficient in preventing the hair loss since you’ve spotted the root cause of where he hair loss is taking place,

Importance of Getting Blood Flow into Head

Hair loss for men and women is an ever-increasing problem. There was once a time when hair wasn’t everything, but although having hair was important than, but compared to the ever-increasing pressure for young men and especially women from social media, there peers who unconsciously believe that their holding believe there appearance is holding them back from achieving from whether it’s a job, a partner or even there own self-esteem.

Increasing blood flow to the head can be done in the ways, either getting a massage hair brush and massing the head for 3-5 minutes or by simply doing a headstand for 30 seconds for sufficient blood flow the flow into the head.

Methods to prevent Hair Loss

The first method in preventing hair loss is by eating healthier such as staying from processed foods, meats, and other fats and sugars but instead try to have more fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as increasing your water intake preferably 2 liters a day and maybe more depending on how heavy your weight is.

Second method is completely stop having hot showers, this really disrupts the hair follicles and also makes fine hair more prone and more weak when repeatedly washed with hot water.

Methods to improve Hair Density & Strength.

Hair density and strength can be improved by not over washing your hair and keeping hair washed to a minimum of once a week. This is to help your hair  get to grips and for the hair follicle to heal itself and slowly get stronger, following the method of washing hair once a week will stop hair from being extremely tangled when towel drying hair with a towel causing more damage.


Following these simple steps will not just halt hair loss but definitely prevent any more hair from being damaged and ruined and prevent you from having heavy thinning of hair and irreversible hair loss.

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